Three squirrels fight

It was a while since we posted anything on the blog. We just had a our first kid and that has taken some focus from the squirrels. They are still here almost every day but there has been no time for filming. Now in the spring, when the sun rise early, we often wake up … Continue reading

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Morning Glory

A new squirrel feeder and hazelnuts with shells. Read more intriguing facts surrounding this lovely morning photo.

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Squirrels on squirrels

We must recommend this great animal blog we found called Djur på Djur which simply means Animals on Animals. That’s where we found this gorgeous squirrel picture.

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Super meta

A friend with a squirrel tattoo watching animated gifs on iloveyounut and tweeting about it to Loopcam. I think we will have to tweet about it too…

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Squirrels <3 Loopcam

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LOL Squirrel

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Talking squirrel is nuts for nuts

The hazelnuts are getting very addictive.

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Obey nut

The squirrels notion of two dimensional images don’t seem to be that great. We tried to tempt them with this 2D nut but they seemed more interested in the real deal and even the Modul8 test card seemed to spark more interest. Or maybe they just found the colors of the broken Grundig screen very … Continue reading

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Squirrel loots apartment #londonriots

A squirrel broke in to an apartment and stole nuts. He got chased out by the angry owner.

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Big Nut

Humans came back from Asian vacation. They brought big nut.

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