Obey nut

The squirrels notion of two dimensional images don’t seem to be that great. We tried to tempt them with this 2D nut but they seemed more interested in the real deal and even the Modul8 test card seemed to spark more interest. Or maybe they just found the colors of the broken Grundig screen very repulsive?

Some friends of ours expressed interest in the production process behind this shoot so here we go: The video was controlled using Modul8 on a Macbook Pro and the “Obey” typography was triggered indoors from an iPhone using the TouchOSC app. This is a screen dump of the interface we designed in the TouchOSC editor for controlling the nut, the text and the test card.

If you for some unknown reason would like to create your own nut worship session I have provided the Touch OSC template as a free download.

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