How about this sign Vivyan?

I wanted to put Vivyan Fable to the test so I made a second sign. I made sure to make it really hard to replicate by making each letter in a different typeface. After posting it on Youtube I emailed the link to Vivyan and waited for a response. Unfortunately she didn’t take the bite:

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2,880 Responses to How about this sign Vivyan?

  1. WTF! Just as it was getting exciting and the little bugger froze, the camera shut down! Is the editor on crack or what?

  2. Squirrel No 1 says:

    Yes, it is very possible that the editor was on crack. We will look into it and sack him if necessary. In the long run we aim to have the whole process run by squirrels. But at the moment humans are somewhat a necessity.

  3. Hot Squirrel Love says:

    I was hoping for a live squirrel cam! 🙁

    • Squirrel No 1 says:

      You’d be pretty disappointed if you were watching it live. We have better things to do than show off in front of the camera all day. We’re only stopping by briefly for snacks before noon.

  4. Ilan says:

    I think we need a bigger sign. Also I may suggest for a future run perhaps a face made out of something with the nuts as eyes. Or something else in the lewd category.

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