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Squirrel trashes gym

The squirrels were putting on some weight so I thought I’d build them a gym. They didn’t really like this idea, nor did the bird.

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Birds vandalizes squirrel signs

Birds are a huge problem for us. They mess around with our stuff. This jailbird vandalized the original squirrel sign but only got away with one nut. Here’s another vandal:

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Hand on the nuts

My wife is good at feeding squirrels. The first time I attempted the same thing I got bit in my thumb.

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Nut on a stick

Nut strong. Squirrel stronger. See the video.

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Second thoughts

Ok, this has been haunting me for a while. I compared Vivyan’s squirrel to a photo of my squirrel buddy and, well I’m no squirrel expert (yet), but they are very similar.

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How about this sign Vivyan?

I wanted to put Vivyan Fable to the test so I made a second sign. I made sure to make it really hard to replicate by making each letter in a different typeface. After posting it on Youtube I emailed the link to Vivyan and waited for a response. Unfortunately she didn’t take the bite:

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The sign

Let’s kick this squirrel blog off with the first story. I was doing some initial tests with the squirrels, the camera and a sign. I had just said goodbye to a friend visiting from Berlin and I had just told him about the squirrel project. The last thing he said to me was “say hello … Continue reading

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