An open letter to Jonas Wahlström

Frontal display by squirrelWe’re pleading to our idol to help us deciding the sex of our squirrel friends.

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Autumn squirrels

autumn_squirrel_looking_inSome images from the last few mornings.

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Exhibit A

I got caught eating strawberries today. I’ll be screwed in court.

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Watching kids

It’s fun watching human kids (but please hurry up with those nuts).

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Perfectly timed squirrels

We found some perfectly timed squirrel photos.

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Squirrel on cat

Not all cats are bad, this one is pretty cute. Image from our friends at Djur på Djur.

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Squirrel cinemagram

Squirrels loves GIF animations, no doubt!

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Yet another break-in

This naughty little fella keeps on coming in whenever we leave the balcony door just a little bit open.

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And gone was the snow

Didn’t take long for that April snow to disappear so the squirrels can enjoy their snacks in the sun.

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Squirrel in April snow

Unpredictable April weather but the squirrels came as usual.

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